How to choose a computer chair

Despite the dynamism of modern life, any person, striving for comfort, spends quite a lot of time in a sitting position. Work at the computer is becoming an integral part of various age layers, and more and more time a person spends sitting on the Internet.
In order for prolonged sitting to have a positive effect on the general condition of the body, and especially on the health of the spine, it is necessary to create conditions under which it will feel naturally. To create such an environment will help a properly selected computer chair, which should be chosen in compliance with all basic requirements.

Criteria for Smart Computer Chair

If the body is in the wrong position for a long time, the back begins to bend spontaneously, as a result, the spine is deformed. A prolonged stay in this position leads to curvature, skeletal fatigue and poor posture, which can subsequently be supplemented by concomitant problems: headache, pelvic and leg problems, pain in all parts of the back, from the neck to the lower back.
Only being in the correct position, the spine will not experience unnecessary stress, this affects the general well-being and performance. A smart chair during the entire process of work will invisibly hold the correct position of the body, creating comfortable conditions for it. Before you buy a computer chair, you need to understand what qualities it is necessary to pay attention to. The convenience of the chair depends on:
model designs;
the ability to change the height and position of the seat;
the shape and functionality of the back;
the presence of armrests and a head restraint;
manufacturing material;
reliability and stability of the structure;
additional design solutions.
The presence or absence of various properties of the chair depends on the criteria for its operation: the amount of time spent sitting on the chair, and the number of people who will use it. Having determined these criteria, it’s easier to figure out which chair for the computer to choose so that it becomes reliable, durable and orthopedically constructed correctly.
Manufacturers of computer chairs try to think through as much as possible all aspects of improving their ergonomics and functionality. The price of a computer chair directly depends on its ability to adapt to the various requirements of those sitting on it, and the materials from which it is made. Buy a computer chair inexpensively, with high functionality and made of expensive materials probably will not work. Therefore, you must first determine the necessary set of requirements, and starting from this, choose the most suitable option. It makes no sense to pay for functions that will not be used subsequently.
For those who spend at the computer no more than two hours a day, an ordinary chair, not equipped with any additional functions, is quite suitable. In such a short time, the back and legs may get tired of not sitting comfortably enough, but this will not seriously affect health. With longer sitting in a chair, care must be taken to organize a comfortable environment for productive work. Not only momentary amenities, but also future health will depend on the created conditions.

Dynamic backrest

Particular attention must be paid to the shape and possibility of changing the position of the back. Its shape, in the lumbar region, should have a characteristic bend that repeats the anatomically correct position of the back.
Choosing a computer chair for the house is enough to ensure that the height of the back reaches the middle of the shoulder blades. Spending a lot of time at the computer at home, there is always the opportunity to get up and rest, giving the neck muscles a chance to relax. For those who like to relax without looking up from the monitor, it is better to purchase a chair with a higher back and equipped with a headrest. Its presence will allow during the work periodically to enable the neck muscles to relax, preventing the appearance of headaches and neck pains.
Sitting on a chair should rest tightly on the entire surface of the back, evenly distributing the load on all muscles. Such a supportive position will provide an adjustment of the back of the chair, changing the depth of the seat. In addition to reliable fixation of the back, this mechanism will allow you to properly sit on the seat, changing its depth so that the knee area does not rest against the edges of the stool, creating excessive pressure on the blood vessels.

Seat height

If several people will use a computer chair, then for the correct position of the legs it will be necessary to change the height of the seat, adjusting it to different height. For this purpose, computer chairs are equipped with a special mechanism for adjusting the height of the seat. The most attractive are models in which you can change the height of the seat without getting up from a chair.
With proper sitting, the body should form right angles, on all bends of the legs. Between the hips and lower leg, and further between the feet standing on the floor, and the lower leg. The legs should not be hanging or, conversely, in an elevated position, this can lead to a violation of blood circulation and muscle tension.

Construction and cladding material

Computer chairs for the home have many design solutions for the location of the legs. In most models, this is one support, diverging at the base of several legs with wheels. The safety and reliability of the chair in operation depends on the strength and stability of the leg structure. Gliding easily over the surface of the floor, it should not roll over. Special rubberized rollers on castors will prevent scratches on the floor.
For upholstery, computer chairs use materials that are different in texture and color. It is better to choose a color scheme in accordance with the general style of the room so that the chair blends harmoniously into the interior. Choosing the texture of the fabric, you should pay attention to its hygroscopic qualities and naturalness.
It is preferable to choose a medium soft seat and back, they are more comfortable for long-term work than hard or too soft.

Convenient and practical additions

The presence of armrests significantly reduces the burden on the shoulder and prevents the appearance of pain in the neck, but only if they are correctly positioned. Fixed armrests are adjusted to average parameters and cannot be changed, therefore it is more convenient to purchase a computer chair with a mechanism that regulates the height and width of the armrests.
It is convenient to have an adjustable footrest in the computer chair, it will provide the legs with reliable support. Often the chair has to be adjusted relative to the height of the table and to properly position the legs, they need a stand. While sitting, the legs should not hang in the air, otherwise they will leak, causing discomfort and distracting from work. Chairs for a computer table with a footboard make the arrangement of legs as comfortable and convenient as possible.
Manufacturers, trying to increase the functionality of their products, equip computer chairs with additional devices. It can be a wiggle mechanism or a built-in massager. Such devices significantly improve the quality characteristics of chairs, increasing their attractiveness. But their price significantly exceeds simpler models.
Going to the store for a purchase, you must definitely try to sit on the selected model, as if trying on it for yourself. This will allow you to immediately feel how the chair fits the figure, and find out what functional features it has.
Fans to shop without leaving their home can buy a computer chair in an online store inexpensively. The choice of chairs for the computer is huge, and it is not always possible to find the model you like in your hometown, in which case the Internet comes to the rescue. Having decided on all the necessary functions and choosing your favorite model on the Internet, you can buy a computer chair in Minsk, Moscow or Novosibirsk, of any shape, functionality and appearance.

Chair for the student adjustable in height

Sooner or later, each parent faces the issue of organizing a work area for the child. This place is intended for homework, creative work, computer work and games. The student has to spend quite a lot of time sitting in one place, and not only productivity, but also the well-being of the child depends on the convenience of his position.
A young developing organism for proper development needs constant monitoring and compliance with the rules of sitting. During this period of the child’s life, the skeleton is laid and the body structure is formed. It is impossible to stay continuously near it and to control the correctness of the seat. The best way is to purchase high-quality furniture, which is designed taking into account all the requirements that create comfortable conditions for long classes, without harming health.